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ADA Accessibility Lawsuit Tracker
Final Numbers in Digital Lawsuits for
June 2024


June 2024 Lawsuits Filed


June 2024 Defendants

with a previous ADA digital lawsuit


June 2024 Defendants

sued while using a 3rd party accessibility related control (widget)

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The UsableNet Research Team Monitors and Documents all Digital Accessibility-Related Lawsuits Filed Each Month.

These include any claims made against a website, mobile app, or video content filed in federal court under the ADA or the Unruh Civil Rights Act in California.

Number of Cases - June 2024

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UsableNet’s Best Resources to Help Defend Against ADA-Based Digital Accessibility Claims

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Resources from Around the Web on the Litigation Landscape for ADA Digital Accessibility Lawsuits

Federal Court Website Accessibility Lawsuit Filings Took a Dip in 2023 New DOJ accessibility rule for gov. websites and apps, third-party providers of online services Businesses Have One Year to Prepare and Comply with the European Accessibility Act Deadline DOJ Issues “Small Entity Compliance Guide” for State and Local Government Web Content and Mobile App Accessibility DOJ Issues Website and App Accessibility Requirements for State and Local Governments SDNY Judge Gets Tough on Serial Website Plaintiffs Federal Court Rules That Online-Only Retailer’s Website Is Not a ‘Place of Public Accommodation’ Under the ADA Navigating the Legal Landscape: The Crucial Fight for Website Accessibility in California New York Led The Way In U.S. Web Accessibility Lawsuits In 2023, Report Shows “Tester” Results Are In! Supreme Court Ruling on ADA Accessibility Testers Proves Disappointing, But Not Useless Plaintiffs Filed More than 8,200 ADA Title III Federal Lawsuits in 2023 SCOTUS keeps issue of “tester” standing alive, dismissing ADA website appeal as moot Digital Inaccessibility: Blind and Low-Vision People Have Powerful Tech But Still Face Digital Barriers Global Law and Policy - Lainey Feingold US Supreme Court Acheson Hotel Case May Impact Web Accessibility Lawsuits DOJ’s Proposed Website Rule for State and Local Governments Has Major Implications for the Private Sector New California Website Accessibility Bill, If Passed, Would Expose Your Business to ADA and Unruh Act Liability Joint letter from DOJ and ED signals increased scrutiny of online accessibility for institutions of higher education United States Supreme Court to Review Important Website ADA Lawsuit One click closer to website accessibility guidance: DOJ proposes new rule for state and local governments Department of Justice issues proposed digital accessibility regulations for public entities DOJ proposal to increase accessibility of government websites and mobile apps could guide accessibility for places of public accommodation Justice Department Advances Proposed Rule to Strengthen Web and Mobile App Access for People with Disabilities New California Assembly Bill on Website Accessibility Could Result in a Lawsuit Tsunami Plaintiff-Friendly New York Courts Change Course in Three Recent Decisions in Website Accessibility Cases California versus the Constitution – who can regulate internet accessibility? Accessibility Isn't Just Nice; It's Good Business Legislation threatens California businesses with big new risk from website, app accessibility lawsuits $240,000.00 Jury Verdict in Blind Students’ Accessibility Lawsuit against Community College Website Accessibility: The ADA And Access In Cyberspace Online ADA compliance? Attorneys look forward to regulations as caseload rises A Consent Decree Can Provide Some Protection Against Future Website Accessibility Lawsuits The Benefits of Using Consent Decrees When Settling ADA Website Accessibility Cases Bots or Copycats? Website Accessibility Demand Letters and Website Complaints in a New Age SCOTUS Agrees to Resolve A Circuit Split on Tester Standing in ADA Title III Cases New York Continues to Be a Friendly Venue for ADA Title III Plaintiffs Kansas Senate passes bill aiming to curb ‘abusive’ ADA suits after initial backlash AB 950: Internet Website Accessibility Fourth Circuit Holds That Website Tester Has Standing ADA Title III Crystal Ball: What’s Ahead for 2023? Defending Against ADA Website Compliance Letters Plaintiffs Set a New Record for Website Accessibility Lawsuit Filings in 2022 Online Only Retailers Have a New Defense Against Website Accessibility Claims in California DOJ Promises To Resume Filing Federal Website Accessibility Reports Proposed web and software accessibility legislation introduced in United States Congress Websites Are Not A Public Accommodation Under the ADA, Says California Court of Appeals DOJ announces intent to issue web accessibility regulations for public entities Senate committee calls on VA, DOJ to improve accessibility to federal technology California Court of Appeal Holds Online-Only Business Websites Are Not “Public Accommodations” [On-Demand CLE Webinar] ADA Compliance and Website Accessibility Litigation: What’s a business to do? Retail is the Number-One Industry Targeted by ADA Website Lawsuits [On-Demand CLE Webinar] ADA Compliance and Website Accessibility: Circuit Split, Online Accessibility Act, W3C Guidance Website Accessibility Regulations On The Horizon: DOJ To Start Title II Rulemaking For State and Local Governments Next Year Justice Department Breaks its Silence Regarding Website Accessibility Guidance on Web Accessibility and the ADA ADP Settlement Offers Framework for Future Digital-Accessibility Agreements The ADA lawsuit Settlement involving an Accessibility Overlay Largest U.S. Blind Advocacy Group Bans Web Accessibility Overlay Giant AccessiBe From Its National Convention The Great Accessibility Overlays Battle - Part 1 [Video] Blind Winn-Dixie Customer Further Appeals Website Access Ruling Narrow Winn-Dixie Court Opinion Limits Certain Types of Web Accessibility Lawsuits in three U.S. States “Winn’s of Change?” The Eleventh Circuit in Gil v. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. Holds That Websites Are Not Places of Public Accommodation Under the ADA Eleventh Circuit Says Winn Dixie’s Inaccessible Website Does Not Violate The ADA The Eleventh Circuit Issues Important Opinion on the Inapplicability of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act to Consumer-Facing Websites Another Big Win in the Domino’s Pizza Accessibility Saga Senator Duckworth and Representative Sarbanes Introduce Bill to Make Websites and Mobile Applications Accessible to Individuals with Disabilities Long Overdue Report Shows Deficient Accessibility for Many Federal Websites What's New in WCAG 2.2 Draft Midyear 2020 ada website and app accessibility lawsuit report

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