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Accessibility as a Service (AaaS) Benefits

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Improve Digital Accessibility
Improve accessibility & reduce risk with audits and an accessibility statement.
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Support from Accessibility Experts
Get core remediation guidance and support for your team while fixing WCAG errors. This includes additional audits, user testing, training, and access to our experts.
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Monitoring of ADA Compliance
ADA Monitoring provides verification that your ongoing accessibility efforts make your website accessible and usable by people with disabilities. ​
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Automated Integration with Your Existing Systems
Access UsableNet AQA so that your team can integrate accessibility into your digital product lifecycle and shift it left.
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User Testing by People with Disabilities
User Testing with members of the disability community to ensure usability.
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Verification of Accessibility by Our Experts
Remediation verification and access to our experts are available anytime you need.

Comprehensive Services and Technology 

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Follows the best practices recommended by WCAG 2.1 and legal settlements

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Testing and audit cadence quickly gets your team familiar with tools and accessibility remediation techniques

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Includes manual, automated and user testing by the people from the disability community cover all criteria under WCAG and usability best practices. 

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UsableNet AQA accessibility management platform for your team to design, develop and test for accessibility.

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Ensure your website is usable by a screen-reader and actively communicate your efforts with an accessibility statement