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Mobile Accessibility Audit Principles

Mobile Accessibility Audit icon- 1 of 6 - a mobile phone with a gear on the screen
Mobile App Accessibility Audits
Audited against latest Mobile App Accessibility Guidelines for both iOS and Android.
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Access to Experts
Performed by combination of Accessibility, UX and Native App experts
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Expertise in Complex Websites
Expertise in complex user flows, transactions and interactions
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Screen Testing
Each screen is tested against all Accessibility principles
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Unique Reference Guides
Includes details to your developers on what to fix and a unique reference guide
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User Testing with the Disability Community
Tested by people with disabilities who use the accessibility features on their smartphones.

Why mobile accessibility audits with UsableNet? 

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ADA and WCAG Assurance 

Ensure your mobile apps are accessible to all users and compliant with the latest accessibility standards and federal and state laws. 

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Proven Expertise

Integrate accessibility into your design, development, and testing. 

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Detailed Reporting 

Provide developers very specific direction to address issues

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Ensure all screens are accessible to all users

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Increased Proficiency 

Decrease your team’s time to meet compliance and build your knowledge base and mastery of digital accessibility principles.