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User Testing with Members of the Disability Community

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Accessibility & Inclusion
We take a holistic and proven approach to accessibility and inclusion, scalable across all industries.
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Adaptive Technology Testers
Our network of professional adaptive technology testers represents a wide range of disabilities and use a broad set of assistive technology.
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Coordination, Results & Delivery
We coordinate the testing and results are delivered directly to you in UsableNet AQA.
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WCAG & Usability Feedback
Reports include usability feedback, WCAG feedback, developer suggestions and prioritization of issues.
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User Testing with the Disability Community
User testing with the disability community compliments WCAG code audits.

Why perform user testing with the disability community? 

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Confirm ADA compliance

User testing ensures your website or app offers an equitable experience for your customers with disabilities 

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Increase WCAG compliance

User testing with the disability community follows best practices outlined under the WCAG


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Mitigate ADA lawsuit risk

Documentation that people with disabilities have performed digital accessibility testing on your website and apps provides a formidable deterrent from future ADA digital lawsuits

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Improve Awareness 

Real feedback from end-users of assistive technology gives your digital teams an increased awareness of the experience of people with disabilities