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Businesses in the financial services industry have sophisticated websites and apps that require high-level security, advanced functionality, and near-constant upkeep.
There’s been a significant shift towards digital banking, with
around two-thirds of adults in the US rely on websites or apps to manage their finances online.
People have a legitimate need to access financial services websites, which is more relevant than after the  COVID-19 pandemic escalated the amount that people go online to complete everyday tasks.
This whitepaper reviews why financial service companies receive so many ADA-based digital lawsuits, from both a legal historical and technical perspective. 
Register to read and get a discussion on trends from the litigation landscape that are have had an impact on the financial services industry over the past several years and what to do if you've found UsableNet because your financial service company has received an ADA lawsuit or claim for its website and/or app. Most importantly, learn how you can promote web accessibility and a culture of inclusion. 
We conclude by addressing the common myths we hear when speaking with financial services, no matter where they are in their accessibility journey. We hope it will help you with your accessibility initiative as well. 
Who should read this whitepaper:
Financial institutions ranging from large, internationally recognized banks to small local credit unions and independent financing groups are impacted by digital accessibility.