ADA Web Accessibility: A User's Experience

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Download the slides or from this Webinar co-hosted by UsableNet Chief Innovation Strategist, Jason Taylor and featuring a presentation with Joe DiNero, Assistive Technology Specialist with Helen Keller Services for the Blind and a Digital Accessibility Tester for UsableNet. 

This presentation covers: 

  • Why are we here? A brief overview of the ADA Website litigation landscape and Internet Accessibility in 2019
  • Introduction to technology and devices frequently used by people with visual disabilities to navigate and use Websites 
  • How someone with a visual disability approaches using a new website for the first time
  • A Demonstration of an online experience with a selected website by our presenter, Joe DiNero
  • How to recreate the experience of a Screen Reader User
  • Q & A Session 

This Webinar originally aired on Tuesday, August 13 at 11 am Eastern.  

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