In ADA Web Accessibility: There are no shortcuts

Someone, whether internal or external, is going to have to do the work to make your web properties compliant. UsableNet has established two unique approaches, as some companies have the time and resources to do the work and others do not. But whichever route you take needs to include these phases:

Phase 1 is plan and communicate. Phase 2 is test and manually review. Phase 3 is fix and verify. Phase 4 is maintain accessibility
You want to know the difference?

You Do It (with our help)

UsableNet AQA and Services provides guidance through the initial remediation of your site, and the same technology and services help you with ongoing maintenance through your new release and site changes.

We Do It (with Assistive)

UsableNet's Assistive Approach provides a fully managed service that allows our teams to address your site's accessibility issues and deliver a dynamic, accessible view. UsableNet then maintains that accessible view throughout your new releases and site changes.

Discover Which Approach is Right for Your Team Based on Resources, Timelines, Effort-Involved, and Budgets

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