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A True Verification of Usability and Accessibility

Learn what steps you need to complete to become certified

The UsableNet Certification process confirms that a company has followed all core activities and correct cadence in their efforts to achieve digital accessibility. Their efforts may include integrating UsableNet AQA into their development life cycle or utilizing the UsableNet Assistive Platform to achieve WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 conformance.

Certification Process includes:

  1. Accessibility Statement - a clear and easy-to-find accessibility statement is on their website or app
  2. Audit - completed an expert review in the form of a third party audit or formal internal review
  3. Remediation - started or finished remediation to the WCAG success criteria
  4. User Testing - members of the disabled community have tested sites/apps
  5. Automated Testing - UsableNet AQA is integrated into processes to test new features and functions
  6. Annual Certification - an annual accessibility audit and training will be performed

Clients who reach the certification can proudly display the badge on their site a symbol of their achievement and on-going commitment to accessibility.

UsableNet Certification Badge image