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User testing is organized and managed by UsableNet as part of client engagement, along with Audits, Training, Development and on-going QA and testing.


  • We work with clients to identify the sites or apps to be tested; the number of user flows to be tested; the number of testers needed, along with the disability groups and assistive technology that should be represented within the testing group

  • Our project team coordinates the users needed from our network of Digital Accessibility Testers (DATs) and handles communication with the testing group. All testing information and results are captured by UsableNet AQA which is a fully accessible platform so all members between UsableNet and the clients team can work together

  • User testing feedback is collected directly in AQA from the testers in the form of a 'user testing questionnaire and score card' that matched up with the WCAG standards, along with comments and descriptions of the issues found for each of the user flows tested

  • UsableNet compiles the results from the testing group, capturing all the issues and comments. Then UsableNet Accessibility developers organize the findings into High, Medium and Low priority issues and add code suggestions to guide the clients team for remediation

  • Using the AQA tool, UsableNet generates and presents to the client a consolidated report of all testing and feedback completed