WCAG 2.0 AA Audits in Weeks

As part of the UsableNet Accessibility Certification our accessibility developers perform audits in weeks, delivering the results through our Accessibility Management Platform, UsableNet AQA

AQA is our client's hub for web accessibility evaluation and remediation, providing one place for teams to communicate and manage all issues. There are three main deliverables: 

An Executive Summary for Stakeholders:
  • Documents overall WCAG 2.0 AA compliance of your website and of each user flow and page audited. Get a step-by-step breakdown of all issues, based on severity and complexity. 
Actionable Detailed Report for Developers:
  • Breaks down the issues in each step of every user journey into actionable items for fixing. Each issue has a reference link that takes your user directly into AQA, where they can review & fix.
  • Comes as an excel document that can be downloaded and imported into JIRA as tickets.
Access to UsableNet AQA for All Teams:
  • Designers, developers and QA testers can work together to fix issues and communicate in one place, along with access to UsableNet's developer help desk. 
  • Management teams get full transparency into the project.

Request a free 30 minute consultation and website review to learn more about our website accessibility audits!