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Your Panelists

Joseph DiNero

Assistant Program Director of Assistive Technology Services - Hellen Keller Services for the Blind

In his work at Helen Keller Services, Joe teaches people who are blind or visually impaired how to use assistive technology to aid them in becoming more independent. In Joe’s work with his students, he provides them with the user-skills necessary to be successful in the future as a visually impaired person, whether they are pursuing higher education or participating in the workforce. Joe also applies his technical background in his work for UsableNet as Head Digital Accessibility Tester. Joe holds a Trusted Tester Certification issued by The Department of Homeland Security Office of Accessible Systems & Technology (OAST). 

Jason Taylor

Chief Innovative Strategist and Advisor to the UsableNet CEO

Jason is a global technology leader for multichannel customer engagement. Jason has over 20 years of experience as an active member of the accessibility and usability communities since 2001, which started with leading partnerships between UsableNet, Macromedia (now Adobe), and The Nielsen Norman Group.