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How to avoid an FHA lawsuit for your website

In 2020, a new wave of lawsuits in Florida claim that inaccessible websites violate protections under the ADA and the federal and state Fair Housing Acts. On September 30th, Drew Sorrell, an experienced defense attorney with Lowndes Law joined UsableNet's CIO, Jason Taylor for a special webinar on how to avoid an FHA lawsuit for your website.

The slides from this Webinar are now available and cover:

  • 2020 Trends in Website Accessibility Lawsuits
  • FHA versus ADA
  • Legal Precedent for FHA to Apply to Websites
  • Why Real Estate Websites?
  • Practical Next Steps

Please note: These materials are informational only, do not constitute legal advice, and do not establish an attorney/client relationship. You should consult an attorney before acting or failing to act. The laws may change rapidly and no warranty is given.